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Travel Shepherd is a series of websites with our personal travel advice based on our extensive travels and having lived in foreign countries over 20 years.  Our international, world wide travel advisories will help your travel planning.

Greece & Greek Islands

Karin at Mycenean Tomb on Naxos

We have lived and travelled here for the better part of 11 years.


Vista of Bantry Bay, West Cork, Ireland

In our 10 plus years living in Ireland we visited every corner.

Prague, Czech Republic

Fresh snow on Old Town Prague

With three extended stays in this  city, you can tell we love it!

Antiparos Cross Channel Swim start

Recent Events

We try to keep up with interesting events in our three blogs:

  • Greece
  • Prague
  • Ireland
  • I highly recommend this classic travel book.  It changed my life; from a tourist to a traveler.

    Tschiffely's Ride
    Not currently available on Amazon but should be eventually.


    Greece and the Greek Islands

    Paros was our primary residence for a decade.  We have explored the surrounding islands and many parts of main land Greece accumulating a huge store of photographs, maps and travel stories.

    Browse or search our web site with over 50 pages of information, photos and maps.  If you don't find what you are looking for, including links to everything about Greece, just ask.  We love to Share our Paros Paradise!

    Greece is always in the headlines, but it is easy to by-pass the turmoil!  Book a Private Villa at much less then a hotel for families or small groups

    Our sister site makes it easy to expand your knowledge of ancient Greece while enjoying the beaches and other delights of modern Greece.

    Don't know which Greek island is best for you to visit?  Start looking at



    During over seven years living in West Cork we saw more of Ireland than most Irish who had lived there for their entire lives.  We love to explore and we live to learn.  We left our Oregon home for foreign shores to experience Europe.  We did that, but it was not all sunshine and flowers.  There is always a culture shock in any major relocation.  We tell the good and the bad, mostly anyway.

    Now in 2017 our Ireland life is divided into three periods:

    Use for tips and tricks to plan the best itinerary for YOU.

    Attention artists:  Plein Air painting in Ireland


    Prague and the Czech Republic

    We just can not get enough of this vibrant historical city.  In 2013 we were back for the fourth time; each time longer than the previous; this time for three years.   In many ways Prague is the ideal contrast to our quiet island life.  There is constant activity of exhibitions, concerts, shopping, etc. plus transportation is quick and easy.  We had to force our selves to stay home and rest once in awhile.  Also the limitless array of international food tempts us to gluttony.  We are pigs in heaven when in Prague.

    Read about our favorite off-the-beaten path locations as well as the major tourist attractions.

    Karin is an evocative photo journalist and I write a few posts as well in our Czech Mates blog.  Our experience will enhance your experience.

    Also we used Prague as a base to travel to nearby countries such as Austria, Poland and Germany.  Read all about it on the Environs page of the Czech Mates blog.


    Expatriate Lifestyle --  Global Nomads

    Add our twenty plus years abroad to that of our friends and we offer a wealth of experience.

    Most people who are considering living in a foreign country want to know about cost of living, style of accommodation, cheap flights and the like.  But the most important factor is:  Do you have the right stuff to leave family and friends behind for a life abroad?  Attitude is the only solution to the difficulties that inevitably arise to kill your dreams.

    2020 (Coronavirus) Update:  Global Digital Nomads in Demand


    More at Expats & Nomads



    World wide travel Basics

    No matter where you go, some things remain the same.  Yet all travelers have different styles, budgets and comfort levels.  So one has to read what others are doing in light of what they know about themselves.  We nearly always interpret travel guides and reviews to suit ourselves.  Usually it works; sometimes we find ourselves in one of those situations you can only laugh about--once you are safely out of it, that is.  We have a friend who only travels when her partner requires her to.  Her most common response to our travel suggestions: " I couldn't do that!"

    Tips and tricks to take the bumps out of your road.





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    Greek island veranda lifestyle.

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    Our experience will enhance your experience!

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